Core Skill Sets

Our consultants have been building and operating e-commerce websites since 1998. There are many things they were required to learn in the past in order to accomplish specific goals for business projects. Many of those things were industry-specific, but the experience gained applies across the board and that knowledge is used in guiding clients to make choices that are the most sensible for them and their needs.

These core skill sets are divided by Online and Offline because it seems the most sensible way to organize them. There is of course crossover between many of them, as the purpose of one was often to be used within some scope of another.

Clients we work with directly get a wealth of knowledge and experience in addition to a custom online platform, that is fully responsive and search engine optimized!


Responsive Web Design

  • Project Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Design Coding: HTML, CSS, Very Basic PHP

WordPress CMS

  • Installation/Maintenance
  • Theme Design/Customization
  • Content Management
  • Blogging Syndication
  • Plugin Testing: Alpha/Beta

E-Commerce & Platforms

  • Managed Shopping Carts
  • Self-Hosted Shopping Carts
  • Network Solutions/Volusion/Yahoo!
  • AspDotNetStorefront
  • WooCommerce
  • Membership Sites
  • Retail/Wholesale Sites
  • Virtual Goods
  • Digital Downloads

Social Media

  • Facebook Pages & Tabs
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube Channels
  • Google Plus

Internet Marketing

  • List Building
  • Customer/Sales Funnels
  • Newsletter Management
  • Customer Acquisition
  • PPC & Ad Split Testing
  • Display Advertising
  • Affiliate Program Management
  • Directory/Resource Submissions
  • ROI/ROAS Metric Analysis

Google Tools

  • Analytics
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Docs
  • Google Apps for Business


Branding & Market Positioning

  • Ad Design
  • Logo Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Branding Consulting

Design Tools

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Vector Line Drawings

General Applications

  • Excel/Spreadsheets
  • Word Docs
  • PDF Creation
  • HTML Editors

General Business

  • Business Consulting
  • Turn-Key Project Management
  • Business Plan Writing
  • Project Vetting
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting
  • Editorial Content Direction

Retail Operations

  • Multi-Channel Marketing Integration
  • Branding Consistency
  • Increasing Local Reach

General Manufacturing

  • Product Packaging
  • Label Design
  • UPC Master Coding
  • Shipping & Distribution

Specialty Manufacturing

  • Accredited Master Herbalist
  • Herbal Product Formulation
  • Herbal Tincture Manufacturing
  • Natural Products Research
  • Essential Oil Distillation
  • Soap & Candle Making
  • Organic Perfumery
  • Bulk Liquid Packaging
  • Stained Glass & Mosaic Fabrication

Sometimes we take projects specifically to force ourselves to learn something new, or revisit something we have not done in a while. Though usually, we are endeavoring to become competent in something we’ve never done before because we need to apply it to something we want to create. That is how this list came to be.